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Video ADS

Your brand is unique, so why not collaborate with a partner who can amplify that uniqueness? At Sozo Bear Films, we specialize in creating high-quality social media video ads that showcase your product and services through strategic brand collaborations. By leveraging our expertise and large social media influence, we will create amazing video content that brings attention to your brand through our multiple social media channels of Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Our team of experienced filmmakers works closely with you to craft cinematic video advertisements that feature the Sozo Bear Films team promoting your brand and products in an extremely creative and engaging way. This collaborative approach ensures a seamless blend of your brand’s message with our creative storytelling.

Our goal is always to create engaging video ads that effectively communicate your brand’s message, captivate your target audience, and deliver the results you need. By combining our creative talents with high production values, we ensure that your ad not only stands out but also leaves a lasting impression.

Netflix - The Shop is Out There Ad 1 -  The Warning
Trolli Gummy Worms - TikTok Ad
Lenovo Legion Laptop | Social Media Ad 1
Lenovo Legion Laptop | Social Media Ad 2
Gotham Knights - Social Media Ad
Netflix - The Shop is Out There Ad 3 -  The Invasion
Netflix - The Shop is Out There Ad 2 -  The Arrival
LG OLED TV - March Madness Ad


Watch our team explain how you and your brand

could benefit from a Social Media Video Ad.

the 3 key factors in OUR SOCIAL MEDIA video ADS

SBF - TikTok Advertising - Stranger Things.jpg


During the process of creating a social media video ad, we work closely with your brand to develop creative, out-of-the-box concepts. Our collaborative approach ensures that your video ad stands out while staying true to your brand identity. Our goal is to craft a social media video that is both memorable and effective.


Through deep insights into your brand, we craft videos grab your attention and drive action. Whether it's a sci-fi tale, a humorous situation, or an immersive journey, we create ads that capture attention and encourage viewers to engage with your brand in a whole new way.

Amplified branding

By leveraging our social media influence across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more, we ensure your ad will resonate your audience and our's. With our focus on impactful filmmaking and strategic social media branding, your collaboration with Sozo Bear Films will elevate your brand in a new and exciting way.

Social Media Ads Pic 01 Edit.jpg




Our Social Media Video Ads begin with a consultation call to deeply understand your brand, video goals, and budget. Following this, we brainstorm a concise concept and tailor a Project Proposal for you. Once agreed upon, we proceed with contract signing and invoicing to officially initiate the pre-production phase.

Ready to get started? Fill out our Project Inquiry Form.



Production kicks off as our cast and crew transform your script into a compelling social media video ad. Leveraging our award-winning filmmaking expertise and professional video, audio, and lighting equipment, we ensure your brand receives a video that’s as creative and unique as your vision.



After onboarding, we dive into pre-production by drafting and refining the script for your approval. We then assemble the cast and crew, secure filming locations, and gather wardrobe and props that fit perfectly with the video's concept. We then finalize the schedule, shot list, and call sheets to prep the team for filming.



During post-production, we edit the footage, enhance it with music, sound effects, and our exceptional in-house visual effects. You’ll receive a review edit for feedback to ensure it meets your expectations. After incorporating any revisions, we add the final touches to deliver a high-quality product. Your social media video ad is then delivered via email, ready for posting on yours and our's social media platforms.

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