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Elevate your university with videos that work

In today’s competitive landscape, universities and colleges face the challenge of attracting and retaining students while showcasing the distinct qualities of their programs. At Sozo Bear Films, we understand the unique needs of educational institutions and offer specialized video production services to help you stand out.


Addressing Key Challenges in Higher Education Marketing:

  • Attracting Prospective Students: Create compelling content that highlights your institution's unique programs, campus life, and success stories, making your university an attractive choice for potential students.

  • Showcasing Academic Excellence: Produce high-quality videos that demonstrate the strength and impact of your academic programs and faculty expertise positioning your institution as a leader in higher education.

  • Enhancing Engagement: Engage current students, alumni, and faculty with videos that foster a sense of community and pride, encouraging continued support and involvement.

  • Delegating to Experts: With numerous priorities on your plate, you need a trusted partner to handle your video production needs. Sozo Bear Films delivers professional, impactful videos, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities.


Higher Education
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University of North Georgia Cadet Admissions "Bring It" (Commercial | Sozo Bear Films)
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The university of north 

Since beginning our collaboration with the University of North Georgia (UNG) in 2016, we've helped highlight the unique strengths and stories of this esteemed institution, from its campus life to its academic excellence and community impact.


Success Stories:

  • University Commercials: We produced high-impact university commercials used to advertise to prospective students and promote UNG through social media and television ads, significantly enhancing the university's visibility.

  • Department Brand Videos: We produced authentic and inspiring documentary-styled brand videos for various academic departments, highlighting their programs, faculty, and student success stories.

  • Orientation Videos: Our orientation videos help new students feel at home and prepared for their journey at UNG, providing essential information in a friendly and accessible format.

  • Fundraising Videos: Our compelling fundraising videos have supported multi-million dollar building projects and scholarship drives, effectively communicating the impact and importance of donor contributions and encouraging donors to support these imporant causes.

  • Student Testimonials: We created powerful student testimonial videos that resonate with potential students, sharing personal experiences and the benefits of choosing UNG.


The Numbers Speak for Themselves:

Thanks in part to our engaging video content, UNG has seen significant improvements in student engagement, recruitment, and fundraising outcomes. Our videos have played a crucial role in attracting new students, securing donations, and enhancing the university’s visibility across various media platforms.

 By partnering with Sozo Bear Films, you’re choosing a team that delivers real results and makes a significant impact on your university’s growth and engagement.






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Question: Why should Your University Invest in Video?

Answer: Well-crafted videos are powerful tools for recruiting new students and retaining current ones. Effective and engaging storytelling bring your institution's stories to life, capturing the essence of the campus culture, academic programs, and community spirit.

Are You Experiencing These Challenges?


  • You're struggling to highlight and promote your institution's strengths effectively. 

  • You find it difficult to engage prospective students, parents, alumni, donors, and faculty with compelling content.

  • You want to create videos that truly connect with and represent your university's values and spirit.

  • You face challenges in gaining buy-in from faculty, staff, and administration for marketing initiatives.

  • You want to produce videos for your admissions or marketing department that will drive real tangible results, but lack the resources and expertise.

If you can relate to any of these challenges, it sounds like you need a trusted partner

for your higher education video marketing and promotion.

Why partner with Sozo bear films?

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Expertise in educational ADVERTISING

We have spent the last several years specializing in creating videos that promote educational institutions in authentic and engaging ways. From the first impressions of orientation to the lasting images of graduation and everything in between, we can showcase what makes your university unique. 

Orientation to Graduation

By highlighting the unique aspects and inner workings or the University, current and new students will be able to see the college, and their time there, as more than just where they go to get their degree.


No two institutions are alike, and neither are their students. Whether it's academic or student focused, visually showing a wide range of programs offered to students will help them learn more about what the University can provide for them.

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SHOWCASE YOUR university

We create more than just videos for your university. We create professional videos that showcase your University in the way it needs to be seen. Whether it's capturing the vibrant campus atmosphere, showcasing new and innovative facilities, or highlighting engaging student activities and programs, we excel in portraying what makes your institution exceptional.

Contact us today to discover how Sozo Bear Films can enhance your university’s visibility, engagement, and recruitment efforts. 

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