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In today's visuals-first, digital age, having a brand video is essential for any company or organization. Brand Videos (or what we sometimes call a Docu-Promo - short for documentary promotional video) are powerful tools that can help tell your brand's story, showcase your products or services, and provide a visual representation of your brand and its values. Through our Brand Videos, we capture your brand's essence in a way that words alone cannot express. 


the 3 key factors that make up OUR brand videoS

documentary video production company



In pre-production chats, we take the time to understand your brand, its values, and your target audience. We discuss your brand’s history, highlights, and goals, then we research and rework those points into interview questions that allow you to tell a complete and compelling story.



Our professional cameras and lighting equipment allow us to capture cinematic footage that brings your day-to-day experiences to life. Carefully framed and shot slow-motion B-roll footage adds layers of visual interest and emotional depth to your brand video's storyline, resulting in a beautiful and engaging finished product.


We prioritize capturing your brand's story in your own words, through conversational interviews that showcase your passion and personality. By avoiding scripted dialogue, we create an authentic brand video that truly represents you & your brand.

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The Rhoads Group "Good People. Great Insurance Agents" (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)
Glazing Rubber Products (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)
Spirits Tavern (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)
Michael James Remodeling (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)
DJ Tommy Pirone - Pirone Entertainment (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)
Bourbon Street Grille (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)
The Dahlonega Nugget (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)
"Truth, Love, & Fun" - Grant Searcey Artwork (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)


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