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In today's visuals-first, digital age, having a brand video is essential for any company or organization. Brand Videos (or what we sometimes call a Docu-Promo - short for documentary promotional video) are powerful tools that can help tell your brand's story, showcase your products or services, and provide a visual representation of your brand and its values.

Using professional cameras and lighting equipment, we capture cinematic footage that brings your everyday experiences to life, resulting in a beautiful and engaging finished product. Through our Brand Videos, we capture your brand's essence in a way that words alone cannot express. 

Based in Dahlonega, we proudly serve Atlanta and the greater North Georgia area, delivering top-tier brand video services tailored to elevate your brand.

The Rhoads Group "Good People. Great Insurance Agents" (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)
Glazing Rubber Products (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)
Spirits Tavern (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)
Michael James Remodeling (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)
DJ Tommy Pirone - Pirone Entertainment (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)
Bourbon Street Grille (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)
The Dahlonega Nugget (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)
"Truth, Love, & Fun" - Grant Searcey Artwork (Docu-Promo | Sozo Bear Films)


Watch our team explain how you and your brand / organization

could benefit from a Brand Video.

the 3 key factors IN
OUR brand videoS

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We work with you one-on-one to understand your brand, its values, and your target audience. We discuss your brand’s history, highlights, and goals, then we research and rework those points into interview questions that allow you to tell a complete and compelling story.



Our experienced team and professional cameras and lighting equipment will capture the cinematic footage that brings your brand to life resulting in a beautiful and engaging finished product.


We prioritize capturing your brand's story in your own words, through conversational interviews that showcase your passion and personality.

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Our Brand Videos always start with a consultation Zoom call to understand your story, video goals, and budget. After the call, we then craft a Project Proposal with tailored deliverable options. We then review this proposal together, refining the project scope to meet your exact needs. Once agreed, we move forward with the contract and invoicing to begin the pre-production process and officially start work on your video project.

Ready to get started? Fill out our Project Inquiry Form.



Without disrupting your business, our crew will work with you to capture the perfect footage for your brand video, using our professional video, audio, and lighting equipment. With our signature cinematic slow-motion shots and heartfelt, candid interviews, we'll gather everything needed to create an authentic brand video that tells your story in your own words.



The next step for your Brand Video is a

Pre-Production Meeting (either via Zoom or in person) where we talk through all filming specifics for your project. We'll schedule production dates as well as decide on video talking points, interviewees, filming locations, and all the shots you need. From this, we create your schedule and shot list, and tailor your talking points into interview questions. Once you review and approve these details, we're ready to move into production.



In the editing phase, we carefully craft your brand video. Once the edit is almost done, we'll send you a review copy for feedback to ensure it meets your expectations. After making any necessary changes, we add the finishing touches to ensure a high-quality final product. The finished brand video is then delivered to you via email, ready to be shared on your website, social media, and anywhere else you choose.

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